Piano Tuning

Keeping your piano in tune will help prolong the life of the piano as well as continually enhance your enjoyment of the instrument. We offer tuning services for your home, theater or church piano.
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Piano repairs/maintenance

Over time, a piano would force over simply calibration. looking on however usually the piano is getting used can typically confirm however usually repairs are going to be necessary. Most repairs will be wiped out the house, however typically it's necessary to perform repairs in an exceedingly look setting, wherever access to tools and elements is additional convenient.
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repairs and builds piano benches

Is your pianos bench worn out and need a repair or maybe a new bench contact us we offer both service!
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Fixes and replaces piano keys

You won't be just a 'number' or 'another job' to us. You and your piano are unique our services are tailored to meet your needs.
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Conducts hammers voicing and action regulation/maintenance

Hammer voicing is the answer for changing the tone of the piano. For example, a piano with a brilliant or tinny tone can be made to sound milder and all the more smooth utilizing voicing strategies.

We are defenders of non-intrusive voicing strategies as a first-line answer for tone concerns. More intrusive strategies are likewise accessible should the need emerge.
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Assesses piano condition before client makes a purchase

A condition investigation report is extremely useful in the event that you are offering a piano and also in the event that you need to buy a piano. Whichever way it's keen to recognize what sort of shape a piano is in before you settle on an obtaining choice. This is genuine regardless of whether acquiring another or utilized piano from a store. One story from somebody who bought a piano and discovered later that it wouldn't hold a tune.
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